Latest Apps

Here are our Latest Apps which are compatible with iPhone including the new iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch. We are currently optimising our older apps for the iPhone 5 so bare with us and we hope to have them up soon. To Download an our Apps go to the App Store or click on the icons and follow them through to iTunes . To view all our apps select 'Our Apps' from the menu.


Are you having trouble keeping up with the latest Slang terms or Text Message Speak? Then our free app Abbrevi8 is perfect for you to learn all the terms you are not familiar with.

If you have a young baby or toddler who is alway after your smartphone then Clever Baby may be useful to teach your child the Alphabet, Counting, Food Items and Colours.


Play Feed My Panda and see how much food you can collect in this fast paced game, lookout out for the crazy power up.

Think you have have a good Memory? then play Think Quick with various modes and degrees of difficulty for all types of players.


Download the free app Ultimate Fantasy XI which lets you create the great Football/Soccer team of all time or a team consisiteing of current players, once created you can share with your friends.

Not a fan of Football/Soccer then we have an another free app Ultimate Basketball All-Stars lets you create your greatest NBA team of all time or one using current players.